Wellington Cycling Club Road Race Championships- Munro-Fernbank Return, November 26th 2016

1st Kristy Glover, 2nd Simon Whitford, 3rdMike Renehan, 4th Alf Gravina, 5th Alan Rankin, 6th John Verey

Road Race, Heyfield- Seaton Circuit, November 19th 2016

Seniors- 1st Alf Gravina, 2nd David Willowhite (Bairnsdale) 3rd Roland Elsdon (Latrobe) 4th Mike Renehan

Juniors- 1st Eric Lossi

Criterium, Newry, October 22nd

Cancelled due to lack of numbers and inclement weather

Road Race, Munro- Fernbank Return, October 8th 2016

Social ride due to low turn out

Wellington/ Bairnsdale CC Combine, Lindenow- September 25 2016

39km Long Paddock Café- Beverleys Road turnoff and back

A Grade- 1st Mike Renehan, 2nd Michael Callinan, 3rd Daniel Rickhuss, 4th Darren Nowak, 5th Jay Symons

B Grade- 1st David Willowhite, 2nd Cassie Lear, 3rd Liz Carlsson

Juniors- 1st Zane Williams, 2nd Billy Canny, Chaperone John Verey

Stratford Handicap Race, Lees Road/ Nerina Lane- August 27 2016

1st Aden Carubia (Junior, 15 mins), 2nd John East (Bairnsdale, 15 mins), 3rd David Willowhite (Bairnsdale, 5 mins), 4th Simon Forbes (Latrobe, 5 mins), 5th Jay Symons (Bairnsdale, Scratch), 6th Alec Mates (5 mins), 7th Mike Renehan (Scratch), 8th John Verey (15 mins), 9th Daniel Rickhuss (Bairnsdale, Scratch).

Junior rider Zane raced off Limit (20 mins) and completed the Junior course (Lees Road Loop) chaperoned by Grant Smith

Bairnsdale Cycling Club Handicap Race, Lindenow August 21 2016

1st Mike Renehan, 1st Junior Billy Canny- full results here

Tour of Wellington July 23rd- August 6 2016

Held over three consecutive Saturdays at Briagalong

A Grade- 1st Simon Whitford; 2nd Jim Timmer-Arrends; 3rd Daniel Rickhuss; 4th Mitch Rankin; 5th Mike Renehan

C Grade- 1st Alec Mates; 2nd David Whillowhite; 3rd John Verey; 4th Simon Forbes; 5th Aden Carubia

Full results here

Road Race 29th May 2016 Heyfield

Juniors 1st Aden Carubia; 2nd Zane Williams

Seniors A- 1st Daniel Gaffa (Latrobe); 2nd Simon Whitford (Wellington); 3rd Jim Timmer-Arends (Latrobe); 4th Jason Strickland (Latrobe); 5th Jason Laird (Warragul)

Seniors B- 1st David Willowhite (Bairnsdale); 2nd John Verey (Wellington)

Road Race Championships 21st May 2016 Munro

Senior Race postponed due to lack of numbers

Junior Race- 1st Eric Lossi

Hill Climb Championships 17th April 2016 Lindenow- Davey Knob

Juniors- 1st Aden Carubia; 2nd Billy Canny

Seniors- 1st Ben Blackman (Bairnsdale); 2nd Mike Renehan (Wellington Club Champion); 3rd Alan Hill; 4th Daniel Rickhaus (Bairnsdale); 5th David Willowhite (Bairnsdale); 6th Alan Rankin; 7th John Verey

Road Race 26th March 2016 Fernbank

Juniors- 1st Zane Williams; 2nd Billy Canny; 3rd Eric Lossi

Seniors- 1st Jason Laird; 2nd David Willowhite; 3rd Simon Rothwell

Junior Track Results 22nd March 2016 Sale Velodrome

5 lap rolling handicap:
Fergus 1st: Zane 2nd (from scratch) Imogen 3rd Eric 4th.

Flying 200 metre T/T:

Zane: 18.24; Imogen 18.53; Fergus 19.38; Eric 19.67

Italian sprint (1)

Fergus & Imogen d Zane & Eric..

Reverse starting order(2)

Imogen & Fergus d Eric & Zane.

Club Criterium Championships 19th March 2016 Newry

Juniors 4 x 4km, one intermediate sprint

1st Aiden Carubia8 points; 2nd Zane Williams 5 points; 3rdBilly Canny 3 points; 4th Eric Losi 1 point

Seniors 8 x 4km, three intermediate sprints

1st Mitchell Rankins 12 points; 2nd Darren Nowak 7 points; 3rd Alan Hill 5 points; 4th Mike Renehan 4 points

Track Tuesday 8th March Sale Velodrome (Junior)

6 lap heart starter (scratch race)

1st: Aden, 2nd Zane, 3rd Heath, 4th Billy 5th Imogen.

1 lap TT

Aden 33.08; Heath 33.28; Imogen 37.02; Zane 37.98; Billy 38.60

Italian sprint:

Aden & Billy d Heath and Zane

4 lap handicap:

1st Imogen; 2nd Billy, 3rd Zane, 4th Heath and 5th Aden

Criterium Sunday 6th March Newry

Juniors 4 x 4km laps

1st Heath Foster; 2nd Billy Canny; 3rd Eric Losi

Seniors 8 x 4km laps

1st Mitchell Rankin; 2nd Alan Hill; Equal 3rd Mike Renehan and Alec Mates

Track Tuesday 1st March Sale Velodrome (Junior)

Heart starter: 5 lap scratch Race:
1st Heath; 2nd Eric; 3rd Billy; 4th Imogen

Elimination Race... 4 laps
3rd Eric; 2nd Billy; 1st Heath

Flying 200m ( 2 runs each);

Imogen 22.98 & 20.21; Eric 22.32 & 18.69; Billy 18.99 & 18.95; Heath 18.14 & 18.31

Italian pursuit ( 2 laps )Imogen & Heath defeated Eric & Billy

Track Thursday 25th February Sale Velodrome (Junior)

Flying 200 metres ( Catch up time )

Fergus : 18.8; Taryn ; 22.4

1 lap standing start:

Billy: 38.49; Fergus 37.02; Taryn 36.27; Heath 35.71

Road Race Sunday 23rd February Munro

Juniors- Stockdale and back, 22kms

1st Aiden Carubia; 2nd Billy Canny; 3rd Eric Losi

Seniors Fernbank and back, 45kms

1st Mitchell Rankin; 2nd Mike Renehan; 3rd David Willowhite; 4th Alec Mates

Track Tuesday 17th February Sale Velodrome (Juniors)

Secret Scratch Race ( 5 laps);
Aiden: Heath: Billy: Eric(dnf)

1 lap T.T x2 runs
Eric- 41.12 & 41.42; Billy- 38.04 & 38.66; Heath- 34.07 & 34.60; Aiden- 34.12 & 33.44

Track Thursday 11th February Sale Velodrome (Juniors)

Flying 200;
Billy: 18.73; Eric: 20.86; Heath: 18.42

1 Lap standing start TT
Billy 37.83; Eric 42.08; Heath 37.03

Criterium Sunday 7th February Newry Triangle- 4km laps

Juniors- 4 laps 16 km

Equal 1st Aiden Carubia,  Heath Foster; equal 3rd Bill Canny, Zane Williams;  5th Pru Nowak(1 point); 6th Eric Losi

B Grade 8 laps 32km

1st Mitch Rankin, 2nd Alec Mates, 3rd David Willowhite

A Grade 10 laps 40km

1st Linc Kelly, 2nd Jason Laird, 3rd Simon Whitford (9 riders)

Track Thursday 4th February Sale Velodrome (Juniors)

1 lap standing Start:

Eric 40.43, Billy 37.80, Heath 35.59

Flying 200m.

Eric 21.20, 20.93; Billy 20.16, 19.01; Heath 18.29, 17.69.

Road Race Sunday 24th January Briagalong- Valencia Creek

Juniors- 1 lap 25km

1st Aiden Carubia, 2nd Heath Foster

Seniors- 1 lap + 1 lap Bushy Park 40km

1st Alan Hill, 2nd Alec Mates, 3rd David Willowhite, 4th Paul Dashwood

Track Thursday 21st January Sale Velodrome (Juniors)

1 lap standing Start:

Eric: 39.52, Billy 38.64, Zane 35.12, Fergus 38.69, Heath 36.16, Aiden 34.45

Flying 200m.

Eric 23.24, Billy 19.52, Zane 17.73, Fergus 19.39, Heath 19.83, Aiden 17.15

ITT Sunday 3rd January Stockdale Road

Cancelled due to low numbers and inclement weather