Road Race Saturday November 28th at Heyfield

Course was Munro to Fernbank and back.
Seniors course was Heyfield Glenmaggie Seaton loop x 2, about 50km;
1st Dave Arnup
2nd Alf Gravina
3rd Mitch Rankin
4th Alan Hill
5th David Whillowhite
6th John Verey
7th Michael Baker
Juniors course was along the Heyfield Seaton Road to Seaton and back, about 18km;
1st Zane Williams
2nd Fergus Grubb
3rd James Bellinger
4th Billy Canny

Road Race Saturday November 21st at Munro

Course was Munro to Fernbank and back.
1st Dave Arnup
2nd Alf Gravina
3rd Alan Hill
1st James Bellenger
2nd Fergus Grubb
3rd Zane Williams


Road Race Sunday Sept. 27th

 Course was 1 big and 2 small loops of Valencia Creek 57km.
1st Justin Prior BCC
2nd Roland Elsden LCCC
3rd Mitch Rankin
4th David Willowhite BCC
5th John Verey
6th Alan Hill
7th Alec Mates
8th Gary Cotterill
9th Sue Elesden
Billy Canny hung onto the bunch around to Boisdale and then retired.


ITT Championship. September 13 at Briagolong.

Senior 21.6km

A Grade

Simon Whitford 31.33
Dave Arnup 33.15
Brent Sword 33.37
Andrew Evans 34.40

B Grade

Alan Hill 36.53
John Verey 38.26
Mitch Rankin 38.57 on J17 gears

Junior 9.5km
Aden Carubia 19.12
James Ballinger 20.25
Zane Williams 22.02


August 1, 2015 Tour of Wellington FINAL RESULTS

Final results

July 25, 2015 Tour of Wellington Stage 4

Stage 4 results

July 18, 2015 Tour of Wellington Stages 1 & 2



Saturday 20th June, 2015. Combine @ Meerlieu.

                                             A GRADE                     B GRADE                       JUNIORS

1st                                       David McLean             Alec Mates                     Aiden Carubia

2nd                                    Mike Renehan             David Willowhite        Billy Canny

3rd                                    Linc Kelly                      John Verey                   Zane Williams

4th                                   Alan Hill

5th                                   Daniel Rickhuss


Saturday 16th MAY 2015, WCC Road Championships at Munro

1st Simon Whitford

2nd Kristy Glover

3rd Mike Renehan

B Grade

1st John Verey


1st Mitch Rankin


Sunday May 3. Annual Rowley Memorial Handicap race.

1st Alec Mates (Wellington)

2nd Alan Rankin (Wellington)

3rd Ian Johnston (Bairnsdale)

4th Dave Redman (Latrobe)

Fastest time: Simon Whitford (Wellington)


1st Aden Carubia (Wellington)

2nd Billy Hughes(Wellington)

3rd Heath Foster (Latrobe)

4th Zane Williams (Wellington)



Saturday April 25. Annual Stratford to Bairnsdale ANZAC day race. Via Berverleys Road.

A Grade                                         B Grade                              C Grade

1st      Dave Salton                      Darryl Anderson            Michael Callinan

2nd    Cyrus Monk                     Jayman Prestige              John Verey

3rd     Matt Parkinson             Chris Ross                           David Willowhite

Sunday April 5th, Easter Sunday Race at Munro, to Fernbank and back

A Grade                                                 B Grade

1st Alan Hill                                         Alec Mates
2nd Alf Gravina                                 David Willowhite
3rd Mike Renehan                             Leigh Thomson

Sunday Mar 29th, 2015 Club Hill Climb Championships Lindenow- Davey Knob

2015 Club Hill Climb Champion- Dave Arnup

A Grade                                                 B Grade                               Juniors

1st Dave Arnup                                   John Verey                          Mitch Rankin
2nd Mike Renehan                             John East
3rd Alf Gravina                                  Alec Mates

Sunday Mar 22nd, 2015 Club Criterium Championships at Newry

2015 Club Criterium Champion- Darren Nowak

A Grade                                                 B Grade                               Juniors

1st Darren Nowak                              John Verey                          Billy Canty and Zane Williams (Draw)
2nd Alan Hill                                      Mitch Rankin
3rd Mike Renehan                             Alec Mates


Sunday Mar 8th, 2015 Round 4 MRPA at Stratford

A Grade                                                 B Grade                               Juniors

1st Andrew Evans                              John Verey                          Mitch Rankin
2nd Jason Laird (WaraCC)               Liz Carlsson                        Aden Carubia
3rd Ben Blackman (BCC)                  Jack Parsons                      Heath Foster (LCCC)


Sunday Feb 15th, 2015 Round 3 MRPA at Munro

A Grade                                       B Grade                           C+ Grade                      C- Grade

1st    Simon Whitford              Alan Hill                         Jackie Parsons            Ian Johnson
2nd  Jason Laird                       Adam Fenton                 Liz Carlsson                 Mitchell Rankin
3rd  Alf Gravina                       Mike Renehan                John East                       Allan Rankin
4th  Dave Arnup                      Simon Rothwell             John Verey                    Leigh Thompson
5th  Brent Sword                     Stuart Harper                 Bronwen Hall


Sun Feb 8th, 2015 Round 2 MRPA at Newry.

A Grade 
1st Brent Sword
2nd Jason Laird
3rd Alf Gravina

C Grade
1st Liz Carlsson
2nd Jack Parsons
3rd Darryl Ryan.


Sun Jan 4th, 2015 Round 1 MRPA ITT @ Stratford - Banana hill.

Andrew Evans 1st.
Andrew Evans 0:23:29 A1
Alan Hill 0:24:21 A2
Stuart Harper 0:24:30 
Simon Rothwell 0:24:48 
Gary Cotterill 0:26:04 B1
Jackie Parsons 0:26:28 B2
John Verey 0:26:40 
John East 0:26:49 
Alex Mates 0:27:16 
Allan Rankin 0:27:17 
Liz Carlson 0:27:21 
Mitch Rankin 0:29:46 
Sue Wright 0:29:48