About the Mike Renehan Perpetual Award

The Mike Renehan Perpetual Award began in 2009 and goes to the most consistent Wellington Cycling Club rider of the calendar year. Points are accumulated at all club races based on finishing order in respective grades. A single point is also awarded to all non-placing participants and three points are given to those who assist in the running of the race.

Not many moons ago, the award's namesake Mike Renehan carried the Wellington Cycling Club flag almost all on his own. These days the club is thriving and Mike has many apprentices ready to listen and learn from him. It is a tribute to Mike that he continued through the dry spell and is still a key member of the club.

Past winners:

  • 2014 Mike Renehan 
  • 2013 Craig Keane
  • 2012 Alec Mates
  • 2011 Shane Dove
  • 2010 Shane Dove
  • 2009 Alec Mates